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1) What is the speed of light in a glass(n=1.5)?

2) A man 1.80 m tall stands in front of a vertical plane mirror. What is the minimum height of the mirror, if he is to see his whole body? Assume his eyes are 10 cm below the top of his head.


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Step 1

Given information:


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n 1.5 H 1.8 m 1m d 10 cm 100 cm = 0.1 m

Step 2

Here, n is the refractive index of the mirror, H is man’s height and d is the distance of his eyes below the head.

(a)  Write the formula for speed(v) of light in medium and plug the required values to find it(speed(c) of light in a vacuum is 3x108 m/s ).


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C V= n (3x108 m/s 1.5 -2x108 m/s

Step 3

(b) The distance(h) of his eyes from the ...


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h H -d =(1.8 m)-(0.1 m) =1.7 m


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