1. (2х — у + 2)?
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Q: Determine whether each statement is true or false. 12 \in\{18,17,15,13,12\}

A: 12∈{18,17,15,13,12}

Q: The following chart shows "living wage" jobs in Rochester per 1000 working age adults over a 5 year ...

A: The table is given by To evaluate : The average rate of change in the number of living wage jobs fr...

Q: Determine whether each statement is true or false.   \{5,7,9,19\} \cap\{7,9,11,15\}=\{7,9\}

A: To find below statement is true or false: 5, 7, 9, 19 ∩ 7, 9, 11, 15=7, 9……1

Q: what are the answer from 7-11

A: As per our guidelines, ican answer only 1 question and three subparts of a question.

Q: Please answer with work shown and clear handwriting

A: Required answer is given below

Q: There are 13 guests at your home for a dinner party. In how many ways could the guests arrange thems...

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Q: Express in simplest form with a rational rational denominator

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Q: How many numbers between (and including) 347 and 982 are not multiples of eight? Give your answer as...

A: see next step

Q: Solve th equation for x. log2(log3 x) = 4

A: Consider the given: log2log3x=4Using log Rule:logap=n is equivalent to p=an,log2log3x=4         log3...

Q: Fully simplify

A: Given,          745-16

Q: Write the equation in its equivalent exponential form. 9= log ,M What is the equivalent exponential ...

A: To write in exponential form

Q: Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. 1 log 22 log 22 II

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Q: Among all pairs of numbers whose difference is 10, find a pair whose product is as small as possible...

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Q: Background Layout - Theme Transition 3 1 LLI4 III 5. I6 II 7 8 A pencil box contains 5 pink pencils,...

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Q: The wind speed near the center of a tornado is represented by the equation S = 93 log d + 65, where ...

A: Given ,     d= 99  So, putting d = 99 and solving the given equation to find the value of S(wind spe...

Q: That goes all together

A: All the subparts of given question are solved below.

Q: Simplify the expression to a + bi form

A: To simplify the given two complex number, add real part of first one with real part of second  and i...

Q: Evaluate each expression for p = -4, q = 8, and r = -10. \frac{\frac{q}{4}-\frac{r}{5}}{\frac{p}{2}+...

A: q4-r5p2+q2

Q: Assuming all parabolas are of the form y = ax² + bx + the graphs to match the appropriate a-value. a...

A: Given,

Q: Insert ∈ or ∉ in each blank to make the resulting statement true. \{0\} \longrightarrow\{0,1,2,5\}

A: Given: 0________{0,1,2,5} From the given statement it is concluded that 0 is an element of the set...

Q: Number Rolled Tally Frequency 1 4 II 3 3. 1 4 III 4 II I 6 Which frequency is the mode?

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Q: Use synthetic division to decide whether the given number k is a zero of the polynomial function. If...

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Q: For the function f (x) = xi – 3, find f-1(x). Of (x) = (x – 3)“ %3D Of (x) = (x'+ 3)* %3D Of (x) = x...

A: We have to find inverse of f(X).

Q: X+4 ya tax-

A: Solution of the problem as follows

Q: Consider the following. f(x) =x2+8x/x2+4x-32 x2 + 8x x2 + 4x − 32 (a) State the domain of...

A: We have to find the intercepts and asymptote and domain.

Q: Q2// Sketch the graph of the function defined by the formula 0, x<-1 f(x) = {V1- x2 ,-1<x <1 x2 1

A: The given piecewise function is:  

Q: A sample of bacteria is growing at an hourly rate of 15% according to the continuous exponential gro...

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Q: Soybean meal is 16% protein and corn meal is 7% protein.How many kilograms of each should be used to...

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Q: Need help on range and domain

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Q: What is the correct phase shift of the Sine wave shown below? -3 -2 2 3 5. 6 -1 O -1 3 1

A: The Vertical Shift is how far the function is shifted vertically from the usual position.

Q: Need help on the last one

A: (d). Principal amount, P = $15000 Rate of interest, r = 6% = 0.06 Time, t = 4 years To evaluate : Th...

Q: f(x)=log1.99^(6x+2.5) for x=4.63 Evaluate the ff function for the given value of x.

A: from given criteria we get f(x)=log1.99^(6×4.63+2.5) f(x)=log1.99^(27.78+2.5) f(x)=log1.99^(30.28) t...

Q: 4

A: Use the expansion formula: (a+b+c)2=a2+b2+c2+2ab+2bc+2ca

Q: You buy a milkshake from a shoppe that only has chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors. Find the ...

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Q: Express The product in simplest form

A: We have to simplify

Q: For points p (3, -3), Q (-1,2) Find, (a) The distance d (P, Q) (b) the coordinates of the midpoint ...

A: Use distance and mid points formula

Q: Show all working explaining detailly each step Answer should be typewritten using a computer keyboar...

A: The formula for coshx is given by  coshx = ex2+  e-x2Now it is  given that x is large and positiveSo...

Q: Follow the seven step strategy to graph the following rational function. 6x f(x) = x - 16 To graph t...

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Q: Consider the following arrow diagram. Is this the arrow diagram of a map? O Yes, this is the arrow d...

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Q: (a) What is an exponential equation? (b) How do you solve an exponential equation? (c) Solve for x: ...

A: (a) An exponential function is a Mathematical function in form f(x)=ax, where “x” is a variable and ...

Q: 1- It's given that A, B are invertible matrices and A is also symmetric. If C = BA , D = AB and F = ...

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1. (2х — у + 2)?