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1. A 0.7549g Sample of the compound burns in O2(g) to produce 1.9061g of CO2(g) and  0.3370 of H2O(g).

a) calculate the individual masses of C, H, and O in the 0.7549 gram sample


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Step 1

The combustion reactions are a type of chemical reactions where hydrocarbons react with oxygen and result in the production of water and carbon dioxide.

Step 2

The number of moles of a given chemical species is defined as the ratio of mass to the molar mass of the substance. The mathematical formula is as shown below:


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Mass Number of molesMolar mass

Step 3

The mass of the unknown compound is given to be 0.7549 g.

It burns to form 1.9061 g of carbon dioxide gas and 0.3370 g of water.

The molar mass of CO2 is 4...


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1.0 mole CO2 1.0 mole C 1.9061g 44.01 g CO2 1.0 mole CO2 --0.0433 moles 1.0 mole H,O 2.0 mole H 0.3370 gx- -=0.0374 moles 1.0 mole H,O 18.02 g H,O


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