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1. Employee responses with (exit, voice, loyalty, and neglect), what kind of example for these 4 responses?




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Step 1

Exit, voice, loyalty, and neglect:

These are the four responses of an employee, which occur due to the dissatisfaction in the job.


The response of exit refers to quitting the job, leaving the organization, or moving to another work unit. It is the response of escaping from the unsatisfactory situation. Here, the employee would feel that the decision of the management is unfair and the response of the employee would be searching for a better opportunity.

Step 2


The response of voice refers to raising voice against the unsatisfactory situation or complaining the employer about the issue. It is the response of attempting to solve the unsatisfactory situation rather than escaping. Here, the employee would recommend ways to solve the issue to the management.


The response of loyalt...

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