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1. Predict in which direction (toward the products side or toward the reactants side) that each of the following redox reactions
proceeds under standard conditions.

(a) Ni(s) + Zn2+(aq) → Ni2+(aq) + Zn(s)

(b) Al(s) + 3 Ag + (aq) → Al3+(aq) + 3 Ag(s)


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Step 1

We know that oxidation refers to the loss of electrons by a chemical species while reduction refers to the gain of electrons by a chemical species. The chemical reactions in which both reduction and oxidation takes place simultaneously are known as redox chemical reactions.

Step 2

Standard electrode potential of a chemical species is its electrode potential measured under standard conditions (298K, 1atm,1M).

The value of electrode potential can be used to decide the feasibility of a reaction. If a pair of electrodes are connected then flow of electrons will take place from a negatively charged electrode towards the positively charged electrode. Hence the signs and magnitude of electrode potentials can be used to tell the direction of a given redox reaction.

Step 3

The given reaction is

The half reactions for ...


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