1. У
(x2 + x3)4
9. У
ln(x ln x)
1 + t
21. У 3x1n х
23, y = (1-x-1)-
25. sin(xy)-x2-y
27. y-logs 2x)
29. y--In sin x--sin-х
1. yan (4x)
33. yInsec 5x + tan 5x
35, y = cot(3x2 + 5)
37. y=sin(tan-/I +x3
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Transcribed Image Text

1. У (x2 + x3)4 9. У ln(x ln x) 1 + t 21. У 3x1n х 23, y = (1-x-1)- 25. sin(xy)-x2-y 27. y-logs 2x) 29. y--In sin x--sin-х 1. yan (4x) 33. yInsec 5x + tan 5x 35, y = cot(3x2 + 5) 37. y=sin(tan-/I +x3