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1. You dilute 1 mL of bacterial culture with 99 mL of water. What is the resulting dilution factor?  

2. What purposes does heat-fixing a slide serve?

3. ______ stains are attracted to the negatively charged surface of bacterial cells. 



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Step 1

1. Dilution factor:

In order to calculate the Dilution factor, the final volume is to be divided by the initial volume.



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DF Vf Vi where DF Dilution Factor Vf Final Volume = Aliquot Volume Diluent Volume Vi Initial Aliquot Volume

Step 2

Therefore, the dilution factor of 1 mL of the bacterial culture dissolved in 99 mL of water is as follows:


Image Transcriptionclose

DF Vf/ Vi (199) mL 1 mL = 100mL 1 mL DF 100 mL

Step 3

2. Purpose of heat-fixing a slide:

Heat fixing helps to denature the bacterial enzymes, preventing them from digesting cell parts, which otherwise causes the cells to break by a process known as autolysis. The heat also enhances the adherence of bacterial ce...

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