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1.Find the area under the standard normal curve between these values:a. z = 0 and z= 1.3b. z= 0 and z = 2.7c. z = 0.5 and  z = 1.3d. z= −1.3 and z = 0e. z = −2.5 and− 1.2f. z= −1.2 and 0.7


1.Find the area under the standard normal curve between these values:
a. z = 0 and z= 1.3
b. z= 0 and z = 2.7
c. z = 0.5 and  z = 1.3
d. z= −1.3 and z = 0
e. z = −2.5 and− 1.2
f. z= −1.2 and 0.7

Step 1

In this question it has be asked to calculate the probability between two z scores. 

Note: All the values related to Z scores have been taken from the table " Probabilities For The Standard Normal Distribution". The table is given on whiteboard has been used to answer the questions below. 


Step 2

Part A) P[0<Z<1.3]

Solution given on whiteboard.

Step 3

Part A) P[0<Z<2.7]



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