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1.MnO4-(aq) + CH3OH (aq) ...........>Mn2+ (aq) + HCO2H (aq) (acidic solution) 2.Pb(OH)42-(aq) + ClO-(aq) ------>PbO2(s) + Cl –(aq) (Basic Solution)


1.MnO4-(aq) + CH3OH (aq) ...........>Mn2+ (aq) + HCO2H (aq) (acidic solution) 2.Pb(OH)42-(aq) + ClO-(aq) ------>PbO2(s) + Cl –(aq) (Basic Solution)

Step 1


Seven steps are required to balance the given redox reaction in acid solution. First reduction and oxidation half reaction are identified. The elements expect oxygen and hydrogen is balanced and then oxygen is balanced by adding H2O.

Step 2

The hydrogen is balanced by adding H+ and then charge of each of the half reaction is balanced. On the sixth step, number of electrons on both half reaction is made equal.

Step 3

Lastly, half reaction is added and similar terms are cancelled ...


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