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10 Prove that P(E U FU G) = P(E) P(F) + P(G) -
P(E FG) P(EF€G) - P(EFG) - 2P(EFG)

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10 Prove that P(E U FU G) = P(E) P(F) + P(G) - P(E FG) P(EF€G) - P(EFG) - 2P(EFG)

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Step 1

Addition Rule of three events:

For any three events E, F, and G, ...

P(E)+P(F)P(G)- P(EnF)-P(EnG)-
१ ,

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P(E)+P(F)P(G)- P(EnF)-P(EnG)- P(EUFUG)P(FoG)+P(E^FOG) १ , P(E)+P(F)+P(G)-P(EF)-P(EG)-P(FG)+ P(EFG) =


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