10 times 10

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Q: 9x-6=4+8x how do I work this problem?

A: First add 6 to both sides

Q: Use the graph of y f(x) to graph the function g(x)=f(x + 4) Choose the correct graph of g below y fx...

A: Refer to the question, with the use of the provided graph of y = f(X) we have to find the graph of t...

Q: find an equation of a circle whose diameter has the endpoints (1,2) and (-1,-6)

A: Given that, the endpoints of the diameter of a circle is at (1,2) and (–1,–6).

Q: Use properties of logarithms to expand the logarithmic expression as much as possible. Evaluate loga...

A: Given expression is, 

Q: 3x-10=11

A: Given,

Q: hi, how do i solve this by completing the square: x2-1/2x-3/16=0

A: Here a=1, b=-1/2 

Q: Given the partial decomposition of the rational function f(x), find A, B and C.   f(x)=(-x^(2)-12x-2...

A: The constant value in partial decomposition of the rational function f(x) is obtained as follows

Q: For fx) = Vx and g(x) = x + 4, find b. the domain of fo g a. (fo g)(x) (f o g)(x) a. (Simplify your ...

A: Given that two functions:

Q: The y-intercept should be a coordinate point like (0,15), so what would it be?

A: The given y-intercept is a coordinate point like (0,15)

Q: How do you answer question twenty-one?

A: We know that,

Q: G(x)=1/6x-4 find g(6a-12)

A: Given, 

Q: #33 and #34

A: Note: We are authorized to answer one question at a time, since there are two question, so we are an...

Q: Determine the domain of the function f (x) = x − 2x + 8

A: The given function is f(x) =x–2x+8.

Q: #6

A: Any line parallel to 7x+y=3 will have form 7x+y=k.

Q: 3(y+7)-7y=1 y=

A: First we distribute 3.

Q: 8÷2(2+)

A: To simplify the expression, the PEMDAS rule is used.PEMDAS stands for Parenthesis, Exponents, Multip...

Q: #33

A: The slope-intercept form is y=mx+b. Given that slope=m= 3/5 . And it passes through (-7,-12). We can...

Q: (LCM)of 5 and 2

A: Refer to the question we have to evaluate the LCM of 5 and 2,

Q: I need help solving this equation

A: Consider the given radical equation 

Q: What is 11/14 divide by 5/6 in simple form

A: First we flip 5/6 and multiply by that. 

Q: How do i solve 1/14(3x-2)=x+10/10

A: LCM of 14 and 10 is 70. We multiply both sides by 70.

Q: how to solve x3+x=0

A: We are given an equation as 

Q: A football team has the following distribution of players:  22. 0% our defense of lineman with an av...

A: The average mass of football players of this team will be :

Q: (-1+i)-(-7+4i)-5

A: Simplify the expression (–1+i) – (–7+ 4i) – 5 as follows.(–1+ i) – (–7+ 4i) – 5 = –1+ i +7– 4 i – 5 ...

Q: how do i solve by factoring: x(x+3)-10=0

A: First simplify the given equation as follows.

Q: I need help with complex numbers. I am on multiplying right now and usually I can look at the exampl...

A: Notes for multiplying complex numbers:Note 1:Multiply complex numbers using the same techniques used...

Q: how do i find the domain of this  rational function f(x)=2x/(2x+7)

A: We are given function as 

Q: What is the LCM of 7 and 21

A: The given numbers are 7 and 21. It is known that the LCM of two numbers is the smallest number that ...

Q: For f(x)=x and g(x) = x + 4, find b. the domain of fog a. (fo g)(x) a. (fo g)x) (Simplify your answe...

A: (a)o represents the composition of functions and is defined as:Plugging the values,

Q: What is the value of x in the system of equations below? x + y + z =-5 -2x - y + z = 3 x - 2y - z = ...

A: We are given system of equations 

Q: 5z2+9z-14 Factoring a quadratic with leading coefficient greater than 1: Problem type 1 I'm using th...

A: Refer to the question we need to factorize the quadratic equation 5z2+9z-14.

Q: The graph of a quadratic function is given. Write the function's equation, selecting from the follow...

A: The given quadratic equations are as follows.j(x)=-x²–49, f(x)=x²+14x+49, h(x)=x²–49, g(x)=x²–14x+49...

Q: How many gallons of 80% anti freeze solution must be mixed with 90 gallons a 20% anti freeze to get ...

A: Given, gallons of 80% anti freeze solution must be mixed with 90 gallons a 20% anti freeze to get a ...

Q: How many quarts of pure anti freeze must be added to 6 quarts of a 10% anti freeze solution to obtai...

A: Let x denote the amount of pure antifreeze that must be added to 6 quarts of a 10% antifreeze soluti...

Q: 93.6 t would she need to make s ih get a B average, that is, as tewe 907 A avefaWA 4S the averags he...

A: The function is given by;

Q: Find f(-x)-f(x) for the following function. 3 fx)=x +x-6 fx)-f(x)= (Simplify your answer. Do not fac...

A: Given,

Q: #98

A: Consider the provided formula.

Q: Condense the expression to the logarithm of a single quantity (c) 4 [lnz +ln(z +5)] −2ln(z −5)

A: Consider the provided expression.

Q: Graph the line through (-2,-7), m=6

A: First plot (-2, -7). Then for m=6. Go 6 unit up and 1 unit right. (-2+1, -7+6)=(-1,-1)

Q: Solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. Express the soluti...

A: The given inequality is,

Q: Given the function f(x) = vx-7, (a) Find f (x) (b) Graph f and f (c) Use interval notation to give t...

A: We first replace f(x) by y. Then we switch x and y and solve for y. This new y is replaced by f^-1(x...