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10) Two cards are drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards and the first is not replaced before the second is drawn. Find the probability of getting (page 149) (show your work)

  1. A.)  A diamond followed by another diamond

  2. B.)  A king followed by a five


Expert Answer

Step 1

In this question, we have to draw two cards from a deck of 52 cards without replacement. Then we have to find the probability of some events.  

Step 2

While drawing the first diamond we have total 13 diamond cards therefore its probability is 13/52 and then since we have already extracted 1 card of diamond and now again we have to draw a card of diamond but now we...

13 12
= 0.059
Probability of getting a diamond by another diamond =
52 51

Image Transcriptionclose

13 12 12 = 0.059 221 Probability of getting a diamond by another diamond = 52 51


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