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10. In the Benedict's test:a. An aldehyde is oxidizedb. The copper ion is oxidizedc. A silver mirror is producedd. All of these

10. In the Benedict's test:
a. An aldehyde is oxidized
b. The copper ion is oxidized
c. A silver mirror is produced
d. All of these

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10. In the Benedict's test: a. An aldehyde is oxidized b. The copper ion is oxidized c. A silver mirror is produced d. All of these

Step 1

A carbohydrate which has either a free aldehyde or free ketone functional group as a part of its molecular structure is known as a reducing sugar. The Benedict’s test is used as a test for reducing sugars.

Step 2

In the test, the reducing sugar under alkaline condition forms enediols by tautomerisation. Enediol which is a reducing agent can reduce the cupric compounds (Cu +2 ) to cuprous compounds (Cu+ ).

The general reaction is given as,

2 Cu 2
5 OH
3 H20

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H. HO 2 Cu 2 5 OH 3 H20 Cu20 + R R T

Step 3

So, the aldehyde group in th...

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