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#12    Compute the following problem using the estimation of proportions tab in Excel. Write your answer in inequality notation, in the p+- e notation and graph the interval.

x= 12    n= 33     c-level: 0.99

p hat: __________


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Step 1


We are given:



Image Transcriptionclose

х 312, п 3 33,с - level — 0.99

Step 2

We have to find the estimate of the population proportion.

We know that:



Image Transcriptionclose

12 -0.36 п 33 х п

Step 3

To find the 99% confidence interval estimate for the population proportion, we have to find the m...


Image Transcriptionclose

P- p) e Z, 0.01 п о361-036) =2.576 is the critical value -2.576, 0.01 33 2 = 0.215


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