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12. Write a balanced chemical reaction for each of the following reactions:
d. Aqueous iron(III) chloride reacts with aqueous tin(II) chloride to form aqueous iron(II) chloride
and aqueous tin(IV) chloride.
e. Aqueous antimony(III) chloride reacts with dihydrogen sulfide gas to form antimony(III) sulfide
solid and hydrochloric acid.


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Step 1

Balanced chemical equation is defined as a chemical equation in which the product and reactant sides contain equal number of atoms of all the chemical species.

Step 2

The chemical equation for the reaction of iron (III) chloride and tin (II) chloride is stated in equation (1).

The reaction given in equation (1) contains an equal number of atoms of all the elements. Therefore, it is a balanced chemical equation of the reaction.


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SnCl (aq)FeCl, (aq)-FeC1 (aq )+ SnC1 (aq) (1)

Step 3

The chemical equation for the reaction of antimony(III) chloride and dihydrogen sulfide is stated in equ...


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SbCl, (aq)HS (g) -»Sb,s, (s)+HC1(aq) (2) 2SbCl (aq)3H,S(g)Sb,S, (s)+ 6HC1(aq) ...(3) wwwww


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