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13. Specify which hybrid orbitals are used by carbon atoms in the following species:

(a) CO,

(b) CO2,

(c) CN–. 


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Step 1

Hybridization of carbon in carbon monoxide:

The carbon atom is bonded to oxygen atom by means of triple bond and both carbon and oxygen atoms contains one lone pair each.  So, the carbon atom contains two electron domains, it indicates the presence of two hybrid orbitals.  The carbon in carbon monoxide is sp hybridized.

The Lewis structure of carbon monoxide can be given as

C- sp hybridized

Image Transcriptionclose

CO C- sp hybridized

Step 2

Hybridization of carbon in carbon dioxide:

The carbon atom is bonded to two oxygen atom by means of double bonds.  The carbon atom contains two electron domains; it ...

C-sp hybridized

Image Transcriptionclose

-c-0 C-sp hybridized


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