Number 20

18.) sec5x tan3x dx
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A: The distance s(in feet) an object travels as a function is s = 100 + 160 t -16t2.It is known that, t...

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A: We have to find following limits.Question is given below:

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A: We first find s\' using derivative. Answer(a): s\'= -32t+48

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A: C(x) and P(x) shows the total production cost function and the profit function of penicillin.

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A: Given:

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A: Let us assume y=(sec x)/4

Q: How do I do this?

A: We are given a function and at a point 

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A: Given infromation:The given function is f(x)=2/x from x=1 from x=9.

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A: The Taylor series for cosx at x=0.

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A: We'll use the rectangular coordinate to the polar coordinate formula with x=-5 and y=5

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Q: Find a particular solution to the differential equation below that passes through the point (−3,−5)....

A: The given differential equation is y’ = 5x–5.

Q: skecth the graph a) f(x)=(x-2)2(x+3)   b)f(x) = x2-1/x   c)f(x) = 2x/x2-1    d)f(x) = -23 + 7x2 - 2x...

A: To sketch the graph of given function :

Q: Determine if y=ex −7x−4 is a solution to y′−y=7x−3.

A: To test whether the given function y(x) is a solution of the given differential equation

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A: Part (a)The population of the town in 2016 is 63,000 and the growth rate is 2.3% per year.

Q: How can I get the result? Which is the result?

A: The definite integral is given by,

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A: Find the derivative of the given function.

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A: To calculate the area of the given region (by integration) described by polar coordinates

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A: Here, we use the above log rules.

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Q: Hello, How is tan^-1 (tan (6pi/7)=-pi/7 possible? I don't know how it should be a negative or to use...

A: First consider:

Q: Help w/ #6

A: The curve is given by ti+t2j+t3k.The formula to calculate the curvature of the curve is given by,

Q: Write the integral for the average value of f(x,y,z)=xyz over the region bounded by the paraboloid z...

A: To express the integral notation for the average value of the function f(x,y,z)=xyz over the region ...

Q: Answers for 10-12

A: We will solve Q-10  

Q: Help with #5

A: Given curve: r(t) = (2cost)i + (2sint)j + tkRecall the expressions for unit tanget and principal uni...

Q: Kindly help me with this differential equation and identify P(x), Q(x) and v(x).

A: The given differential equation is,

Q: How can I get the result? Which is the result?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: How do you set up the line integral for y=x(6-x) boundary?

A: The vector field is given by,

Q: Compute the directional derivative of g(x,y)=sin(pi(5x-5y)) at point P(1,-3) in the direction (15/17...

A: Firstly, we calculate unit vector in direction of vector u.

Q: How do you solve the limit of this graph?

A: x->-1^- means x is slightly less than -1.

Q: Solve for complex x. e^(x^2+4x)=8

A: Solve the equation e^(x^2+4x) = 8 for complex x as follows.

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A: to determine the first few partial sums and the sum to infinity of the given telescoping series

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A: Consider the geometric series,

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A: Refer to the integral,Rewrite the hyperbolic cotangent as,

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A: Given information: 

Q: 13. A 13 foot sliding ladder is leaning against a house when its base starts to slide away. By the t...

A: We are given diagram as

Q: Suppose that the rate at which the concentration of a drug in the blood changes with respect to time...

A: Given:The rate of change of concentration of a drug in blood with respect to time t is 

Q: C). Find an 'n' where Midpoint Rule would guarantee estimation within 6 decimal places.

A: Let's get the concepts in place, before we proceed to solve this.For an integral I (as shown on the ...

Q: Calculate the directional derivative in the direction of v at the given point. fx, v)- tan Cy). -(1,...

A:  The partial derivatives of f(x,y) at the point (x,y)=(5,2)are:

Q: If y 3 , then dx 5x2-3 10r2 3V/5x2-34 35x2- 3) 5x2-3 10x 3 3(5x2-3)2 10r 3 35x2-3)

A: Find the derivative of the given function.

Q: Find the area, in square units, bounded above by f(x)=4x2 +9x−24 and below by g(x)=5x2+21x+3.

A: Given that, the area bounded above by f(x)=4x2+9x–24 and bounded below by g(x)=5x2+21x+3.Equate both...

Q: 1000 Find the marginal cost when q = 10. 9 The average coste for producing q units of a product is g...

A: The average cost c is given by ,

Q: Use properties of limits and algebraic methods to find the limit, if it exists. (If the limit is inf...

A: The given function is f(x)=(7x2-70x)/(x2-100).The limit is to be calculated.

Q: I have trouble with second derivatives. I need help from my last step on please.

A: Given equations are,

Q: Determine the sum of the following series. (분) T1-1

A: we have to find  sum of series .Series is given as:

Transcribed Image Text

18.) sec5x tan3x dx 2x3-4x2-15x+5 x2-2x-8 20.) dx