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1a.) what is the solubility of Hg2CO3 in pure water in grams/liter, if the Ksp=89x10^-17

b.) If your target goal is to have no more than a concentration of CO3-2 dissovled in water equal to 75ppb, what concentration of HG+1 needs to be in the solution?

c.) how many grams of Hg(NO3) would you need to put in 2.5 liters of water to produce this concetration of mecury ion?


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Step 1

(a)The solubility of mercury carbonate in pure water can be calculated as


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Given, K8.9x1017 Solubility of Hg,CO, =Smol/L Hg CO, Hgco K-Hco] S= =8.9x107 -9.43x10mol/L 1mol of Hg,CO, 461.188g/mol S 9.43x10 x461.188 g/L 4.3x10 g/L Solubility of Hg,CO,-4.3x10 g/L

Step 2

(b)The concentration of mercuric ions needed...


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concentrati on of Co, dissolvedin water-75ppb 75ppb CO-75x10 ppm-75x10mg/LCo 75x10 mmol/L of co 60 Hg,CO 2Hg co mol 2mol mol 75x10 mol CO=2x 75x103) Hg 60 60 75x10200.59 mg/L Hg =2 x 60 501.4x103mg/L 501.4 ppb Hg


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