1N2 + 3H2 -----> 2NH3Diatomic nitrogen has a triple bond. (946)Diatomic hydrogen hs a single bond. (436)The three bonds in ammonia are single bonds. (390)The bond energies are given.Determine the formula to find the heat of reaction. a. (1)(+946) + (3)(+436)+(2)(-390)b. (3)(+946) + (3)(+436)+(3)(-390)c. (1)(-946) + (3)(-436)+(2)(+390)d. (1)(-946) + (1)(-436)+(3)(+390)e. (3)(-946) + (3)(-436)+(3)(+390)

Asked Mar 30, 2019

1N2 + 3H2 -----> 2NH3

Diatomic nitrogen has a triple bond. (946)

Diatomic hydrogen hs a single bond. (436)

The three bonds in ammonia are single bonds. (390)

The bond energies are given.

Determine the formula to find the heat of reaction. 

a. (1)(+946) + (3)(+436)+(2)(-390)

b. (3)(+946) + (3)(+436)+(3)(-390)

c. (1)(-946) + (3)(-436)+(2)(+390)

d. (1)(-946) + (1)(-436)+(3)(+390)

e. (3)(-946) + (3)(-436)+(3)(+390)


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Step 1

The enthalpy of formation of ammonia is calculated using the below formula.

Step 2

Applying the above formula for formation of ammonia...


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