I'm studying for a precalculus exam and I want help on this problem because I am stuck. 

2 For
w(x) =x2
3 x +
(won)x) xt
+ 1
- 3 (xt)+
t 2x tL
- 3*-3
+ ot1
2x +2
X= \
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+ + 2 For w(x) =x2 3 x + nCx)=xt and - श0d X (won)x) xt 2 + 1 X X Lxzu+-30a)) (xt1) - 3 (xt)+ 2 X 2 t 2x tL - 3*-3 3 1 2xナ1 + ot1 2x +2 X= \ 2

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