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Determine the pressure of the water in pipe A shown below if the gage pressure of the air in the tank is 2 psi. [Answer in units of psf]
=2 psi
-SG 0.9
4 ft
2 ft

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=2 psi -SG 0.9 Air 1ft 4 ft 2 ft At -Water


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Step 1

Take the specific weight of water (γw) as 62.4 lb/ft3.

Take the pressure of the water in pipe A as pA.

The height difference h1 is 1 ft.

The height difference h2 is 4 ft.

The height difference h3 is 2 ft.

Step 2

Calculate the pressure of the water in pipe A.



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p -h hSGx) + h7= P -1ftx 62.4 lb/ft2 + 4ft (0.9x62.4 lb/ft ft 2 psi A 12in +2 ft x 62.4 lb/ft 2 psi 1.99 psi = pa P& 3.99psi P4 4psi A


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