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2. What would be the density of air under 20°C
and 720 mmHg?
proportional to P and inversely proportional to
T, see eq. 2.)
(Hint: gas density is

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2. What would be the density of air under 20°C and 720 mmHg? proportional to P and inversely proportional to T, see eq. 2.) (Hint: gas density is


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Step 1

The density of air under 20° C and 720 mmHg is to be calculated.

Step 2

Density of a substance is defined as the mass of substance divided by its volume.


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Mass (m) Density (d) Volume (V)

Step 3

According to an ideal gas law:

PV = nRT


P = Pressure of the gas

V = Volume occupied by gas



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Mass of gas (m) Moles of gas (n)- Molar mass of gas (M) .. Ideal gas becomes : m PV = RT M PM RT or PM RT E|>


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