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22.0 g of CO​​2 gas and 9.01 g of H​​2O gas are formed from combustion of an unknown hydrocarbon (containing only hydrogen and carbon) in the presence of O​​2 gas. The molar mass of the gas is 84.2 g/mol. What is its molecular formula? 


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Step 1

The compound contains only Carbon and Hydrogen atoms. The amount of Carbon and Hydrogen is determined as given,


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44.01 g CO, contains 12.01 g C 12.01 g C Mass of C in 22.0 g CO, 22.0 g CO2 44.01 g CO2 = 6.0 g C 18.02 g H2O contains 2.02 g H 2.02 g H Mass of H in 9.01 g H,O = 9.01 ^H18.02 g H,O =1.01 g H

Step 2

Determine empirical formula...


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Mass No.of molesMolar mass 6.0 g 0.5 mol No. of moles of Carbon = 12.01 g/mol 1.01 g H 1.01 g/mol No.of moles of Hydrogen 1 mol C H No. of moles: 0.5 mol : 1 mol 1 mol 0.5 mol Divide with least no. 0.5 mol 0.5 mol 1 2 Empirical formula: CH


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