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Structural Engineering: Method of Virtual Work for beams:

The beam shown has a fixed connection at A. It has a hinge located at point B, 16 feet to the right of point A, there is a roller support at point C, 22 feet to the right of point A, and there is a point load applied at point D, 30 feet to the right of point A, finally, there is a distributed load of 3kips/ft applied over the 16-foot length from point A to point B. The moment of inertia, I, for section AB is 4500in4 and the moment of inertia for section BD is 3000in4. The modulus of elasticity, E for the entire beam is 30,000ksi.

Given the above information and the attached image, using the Method of Virtual Work for beams, find the slope and deflection at point D. 

3kips /F

Image Transcriptionclose

25kips 3kips /F FEXED HINGE Roller G


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Sketch the Free Body Diagram as shown in F...


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35 kips 3 kips/ft М, AA В Аy * 6 ft 8 ft 16 ft


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