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Q: if sin x= 5/8, x in quadrant I, then (dont solve or x) sin (2x)= cos(2x)= Tan(2x)=

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Q: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A in Q1 and tanB=3/7 with B in Q1, find cos(A+B).

A: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A  and tanB=3/7 with B , find cos(A+B)

Q: Question Help Find a value of o in [0°, 90°] that satisfies the given statement. (Simplify your answ...

A: Given that,

Q: number 23 4 sin t- sqrt3=2sint

A: To determinePart a) All radian solutions.Part b) The value of t in radians if t lies in the interval...

Q: 0<x<2pi F(x)=-4cosx G(x)=2cosx+3 graph f(x) and g(x) on the same coordinate system for 0<x&...

A: Given,

Q: How far does the tip of the minute hand of a clock move in 25 minutes if the hand is 8 inches long?

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Q: write the following in terms of x without trig or inverse trig functions and simplify. In each case,...

A: Given that the expression is

Q: I could use some assistance finding the horizontal shift of this equation with steps.   Thanks much.

A: Given equation is

Q: see attachment

A: Click to see the answer

Q: X 2.4.37 Question Help Solve the right triangle ABC, with C 90° B = в - (Simplify your answers. Type...

A: Sum of the acute angles in right triangle = 90 degree.One angle is A= 33 degree 34'So, B=90 degree -...

Q: photo attached

A: Given,

Q: A bicycle wheel 26 inches in diameter travels at four revolutions per second. through how many radia...

A: Number of revolutions made by the wheel in 0.5 seconds is given as

Q: Common household electric current is called alternating current because the current alternates direc...

A: The given details are as follows.

Q: 2sinx+square root 2=0

A: Solve for sinx. Subtract sqrt(2) then divide by 2.

Q: The question says: "Find sin(x/2), cos(x/2) and tan(x/2) from the given information: cscX=3, 90degre...

A: Refer to the question we have to find the sin(x/2), cos(x/2) and tan(x/2) from the given information...

Q: Find the exact value of the expression using the provided information.Find cos(s + t) given that cos...

A: To determine the value of cos (s + t).

Q: 12 with A in QII and sin B = - 13 15 with B in QIII. Find sin(A + B), cos(A + B), and tan(A + B) 17 ...

A: Refer to the question, we have to find the value of sin(A+B) , cos(A+B) and tan(A+B) when provided w...

Q: I am confused on how to solve this problem.   Thanks much.

A: The given trigonometric identity is,

Q: see attachment

A: To prove that

Q: A pipe has a 35 degree bend that is 3-1/4 inches long

A: From the given figure,

Q: A bicycle wheel 26 inches in diameter travels 20 inches in 0.10 seconds. what is the speed of the wh...

A: Given that a bicycle wheel has a diameter 26 inches travels 20 inches in 0.10 seconds.The radius of ...

Q: Find the approximate value of s, to four decimal places, in the interval [0, pi/2] that makes the st...

A: Given: -

Q: Notice that cos36degrees= (1+sqrt5)/4. Use the pythagorean theorem or a phythagorean trig identity t...

A: Given,

Q: Use the cofunction identities to find an angle θ that makes the statement true.sin θ = cos (4θ + 60°...

A: From the given statement

Q: Find all values of e in the interval [0 360) that have the given function value. sin e= 2 (Type an i...

A: Given,

Q: see attached

A: Click to see the answer

Q: photo attached

A: Using Pythagorean identity : sin^2 theta + cos^2 theta = 1So cos^2 theta = 1-sin^2 thetaAnswer: firs...

Q: Given t = 1.25 is a solution to tan t = 3, use the period of the function to name three additional s...

A: Refer to the question , with the use of the period of the function we have to name three additional ...

Q: For the equation below, solve for the following. Use a calculator to approximate all answers to the ...

A: Given,

Q: see attachment

A: We know that,

Q: I am very confused about this concept. Any help would be great.   Thanks much.

A: Given expression is Let Plugging the value in the expression:

Q: What are C12, C31, and C22 of matrix C? 16 -0.5 0 9 C=-3 5 4 -10 14 -3 1e-9 C31 1 22 - 8 12--9 22-8 ...

A: Given, 

Q: The equation, with a restriction on x, is the terminal side the of an angle θ in standard position. ...

A: Given the equation with a restriction on x, is the terminal side of an angle in standard position.

Q: see attached

A: Click to see the answer

Q: see attachment

A: Given:

Q: cos(pi/2) = ??? and cos(5pi/2) = ?????.

A: Given function is

Q: Find a value of a in [0°, 90 ] that satisfies the given statement. csC a 1.1844907 (Simplify your an...

A: Given:

Q: photo attached

A: The given expression is

Q: Determine whether the equation is an identity. If it is an identity, prove it.   (sin x)/(1 - cos x)...

A: Given,

Q: Number 7  sin theda = -sqrt 3 over 2

A: To find the solutions of the given trigonometric equation in the prescribed format

Q: For the following, assume that all the given angles are in simplest form, so that if A is in QIV you...

A: From the given statement,