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We are given a rectangle with a charge of q=(1/9) x 10^-9 C at three of the four corners

1) What is the electric potential at the fourth corner where there is no charge?
2) If a charge Q= 1 C is set at this fourth corner, what is its potential energy?

3 m
4 m

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3 m 4 m


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Step 1

Given:       charge, q = (1/9) × 10-9 C at three corners of rectangle

Find: (1)   Elecreic potential at fourth corner where there is no charge.

Find: (2) Potential energy, if a charge Q = 1C is set at the fourth corner.

Step 2

(1)  At fourth corner which is having no charge will be having electric potential Vnet as given in the formula.

Step 3

So, we have got the electric potential at fourth corner w...

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