solve the equations using graphical

3. 14х — 24 %3D 27 — Зх 34. Зх — 8 3 15х + 4
3x 34. 3x – 8 = 15x + 4
35. 3(s – 8) = 5 (s – 4) + 6
36. 5(2x + 1) + 5 = 5(x – 2)
5t - 1
2 =
+ 2
3 (х — 2)
t + 4
38. 4
x - 5
- +
+ x :
Transcribed Image Text

3. 14х — 24 %3D 27 — Зх 34. Зх — 8 3 15х + 4 3x 34. 3x – 8 = 15x + 4 35. 3(s – 8) = 5 (s – 4) + 6 %3D 36. 5(2x + 1) + 5 = 5(x – 2) 5t - 1 3t 37. 4 2 = 3 + 2 3 (х — 2) 39. 1 t + 4 38. 4 4 9 x - 5 40. 1 - + 3 + x : 2 4)

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