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3. List the types of intermolecular forces present in the following compounds.
(a) HF
(b) Вrz
(c) H2S
(d) н—с-о-н

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3. List the types of intermolecular forces present in the following compounds. (a) HF (b) Вrz (c) H2S н (d) н—с-о-н Н нн нн (d) н-с—с—о—С—с-н нн нн


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We are authorized to answer three subparts at a time, since you have not mentioned which part you are looking for, so we are answering the first three subparts, please repost your question separately for the remaining subpart.

Step 2

The forces which provide interaction including force of repulsion and attraction acting between the neighboring particles and molecules is known as intermolecular force.

Different types of intermolecular forces are known for example, London forces or dispersion forces, hydrogen bond, dipole-dipole forces, ion-dipole forces etc.

Step 3

1. In HF molecule, due to difference in electronegativity value of F and H there is development...

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