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3. Specify which compound in the following pairs of ionic compounds has the higher lattice energy: Explain your choice.a. KCl or MgOb. LiF or LiBrc. Mg3N2 or NaCl


3. Specify which compound in the following pairs of ionic compounds has the higher lattice energy: Explain your choice.

a. KCl or MgO

b. LiF or LiBr

c. Mg3N2 or NaCl




Step 1

The species with +2 charge has much more columbic attraction than the species with +1 charge. Thus, the ions are tightly held and becomes more stable. Therefore, the lattice energy of compounds with doubly charged cation is higher.

The compound MgO contains Mg2+ cation and O2- anion whereas KCl contains K+ cation and Cl- anion. Thus, MgO has higher lattice energy.

Step 2

The size of bromine ion is more than that fluoride ion. Fluoride ion has smaller size and has...

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