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Q: What are the blanks?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: What are the blanks?

A: The problem concerns aspects of an exponential growth model

Q: A rock falls from a tower that is 208 feet high. As it is falling, its height is given by the formul...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Graph the solution set for the of linear inequalities  x-y<4 x+2y<4 x>-4

A: The given inequalities are,

Q: How do I solve this equation? And how do I determine what type of solution it is?

A: Given,

Q: The sum/ difference of square X4-16

A: The given expression

Q: solve using factoring only 3y(7y-20)=96

A: Given,

Q: 6 x-1 x x-1 this is one problem put together no equal signs

A: Consider the given expression

Q: skip to main contentSave & End Certify Lesson: 12.3 Least Common Multiple of PolynomialsAMANDA H...

A: The given equation is,

Q: Use the properties of logarithms to expand the expression as a sum, difference, and/or constant mult...

A: The given logarithmic function is log4(xy6z4).Apply the logarithmic rule and expand the given logari...

Q: How do I solve these equations? And How do I determine the type of solutions they are?

A: given information.

Q: It's the 13ft ladder question.

A: Given:A 13-ft ladder is leaning against a wall. The distance from the top of the ladder to the botto...

Q: Complete the table for a savings account in which interest is compounded continuously. (Round your a...

A: The given details of the investment account are,

Q: Solve using Cramer's rule. If the system is inconsistent or has no solution, enter "DNE" -x+4y=1 -4y...

A: Given system of equations  is 

Q: eck Qu Suppose that the supply and demand equations for printed T-shirts for a particular week are g...

A: Part A 

Q: 5x-24+x2

A: Rearrange the given expression. 

Q: Write an expression for each of the following in terms of x: Length (the distance from P to Q) Width...

A: (9)Consider the given diagram,Length (the distance from P to Q) is find as,

Q: On an architectural drawing, 1 2  in. represents 1 ft. Using this scale, find the dimension...

A: Given measures are,

Q: Find a formula for the general term an of the sequence, assuming that the pattern of the first few t...

A: The given sequence is,

Q: The foot of an extension ladder is 10 feet from a wall, while the top of the ladder reaches the top ...

A: Given that the length of the ladder is 2 feet more than the height of the wallAnd foot of the wall i...

Q: (4-x2)/(3x2-x-10)•(6x)/(8x+16)

A: Click to see the answer

Q: use long division to determine whether the binomial is a factor of f(x). f(x)=2x3-13x2-38x+112;  x+2

A: Firat try to get rid of 2x^3.

Q: I want to know how to find the range and y intersept for 6+y=0

A: Consider the given equation.6 + y = 0

Q: Did I do this page correctly, if not, how would I complete 11 and 12?

A: Refer to the question we have been provided with the graph in the in question 9 as

Q: The table below contains the average public school classroom teacher's salaries, S, for an 11-year p...

A: t=number of years after 1990.So to find t we will subtract 1990 from each year.

Q: A team of biologists captured and tagged approximately 2500 northern squawfish at the Bonneville Dam...

A: According to the given information:Number of northern squawfish at Bonneville dam on the Columbia Ri...

Q: 79.

A: Plug g(x)=3x, then substitute x by 3x in f(x). Answer: (fog)(x)= sqrt(3x-1)

Q: please solve and show your work

A: The whole number of the number

Q: Solve the system - 3 x yz 8 x - y 2z 13 x - y 3z

A: The given system of equations are ,

Q: What are the blanks?

A: (a)It is given that the exponential decay for the contaminated site is given by P = 200 × 0.83m wher...

Q: Use the remainder theorem to determine if the given number c is a zero of the polynomial. p(x) = 3xˆ...

A: To determine if c is the solution of the polynomial.a) c = -√11b) c = -2

Q: Write each fraction in terms of the LCM of the denominators. 5x x2 − 49 ,  x − 1 7x −...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: A manufacturer produces two models of toy airplanes. It takes the manufacturer 20 minutes to assem...

A: To find: The number of units of two model (i.e.) A & B.Let x be the number of toy airplane of Mo...

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Consider the given expression.

Q: Suppose g is a linear function such that g(1.3) = 3.4 and g(-4) = 7.3. Find the equation for g. (Use...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: A rectangle has a perimeter of 36. The length is three more than the width. Find the length and the ...

A: Let ‘x’ be a breadth of the rectangle.Then, the length of the rectangle = 3x

Q: If $8,000 is invested at 6% per year compounded monthly, the future value S at any time t (in months...

A: Given: -

Q: I am confused on how to do #5. I know what the value is for c, just don't know how to get the value.

A: Find possible values of c  if

Q: Describe the end behavior of the graph of the polynomial function. f(x)=4x6-3x4+x2-5

A: As per the definition, the end behavior of the graph is the value of f(x) attained by the function a...

Q: Use the given information to find the unknown value. y varies directly as the square of x. When x = ...

A: y varies directly as the square of x. So, y=kx^2Given when x=3 then y=54. Plug them to find k.k=6

Q: Please solve and show the steps.

A: Definition: