32-42i/ 40 what do you do next

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Q: Ay 6 Use the graphs of f and g to find (f+g)(2) f+g)/2) 12 6-5-4 -32 12 345 6 fx) -6 Enter your anSw...

A: Observe from the figure and find the value of the functions f and g at the point 2.

Q: Use inspection to describe the inequality's solution set. Do not solve the inequality. 1 > 0 (x+ 3)2...

A: The given inequality is,

Q: In the following exercise, find the coordinates of the vertex for the parabola defined by the given ...

A: Calculation:The given quadratic function is f(x)=4(x–5)²–3 , which is the parabola.let the function ...

Q: Given the functions f(x)=3x-5 , g(x)=2x^2-4x+8 , h(x)=30(1.5)^x , p(x)=5x-4/x-2 evaluate the followi...

A: Given the function f(x)=3x-5 and h(x)=30(1.5)x.And, Now simplifying  the composition of the two func...

Q: How do you solve the polynomial inequality x4 + 36 ≤ 13x2

A: The given polynomial inequality is x^4+36≤-13x^2.

Q: Solve the inequality (x-3)(x-5)^2<0 Select all the intervals below that are included in the solut...

A: The given inequality is (x-3)(x-5)^2<0

Q: The y-intercept should be a coordinate point like (0,15), so what would it be?

A: The given y-intercept is a coordinate point like (0,15)

Q: Use the graph of y f(x) to graph the function g(x)=f(x)-2 Choose the correct graph of g below y fox)...

A: g(x)=f(x)-2 means the graph will move 2 units down.  

Q: Graph the following function by making a table of coordinates. If applicable, use a graphing utility...

A: Given information:The given function is