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33- If the electric potential difference ∆V required to stop an electron moving with an initial
speed is -2.31 kV, the initial speed of the electron equals: (e= 1.610-19 C, me=9.11 x 10 -31
a) 2.85*107 m/s
b) 8.85*107 m/s
c) 10.85*107 m/s
d) 12.85*107 m/s


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Given Mass of electbon, me = 9.11 ro Chorge of electon, e -1.6 KIO C 1000V Stopping potential, Vo = 2310 V 2.31 kV 1 kv

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fast moving Reguired potentfal to Atop a elecbon Kmax Vo= e where, kmar « the marimum kinetic ene7, me is the mass of the electon ei the charge of electon, ond U is the Speed of elecbon,


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