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38)A tensile test specimen has a gage length=3.0 inches and a diameter=  .75 inches. Yielding occurs at a load of 38000lbs. The corresponding gage length=3.0103 inches (neglect the .0.2% yield point). The maximum load of 54000lbs i9s reached at a gage length =3.453 inches. Determine the tensile strength (Round to the nearest whole ksi)


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given data:

Gauge length = 3 inches

Diameter d = 0.75 inches

Load at yield point = 38000 lbs

Corresponding gauge length x = 3.0103 inches

Maximum load P = 54000lbs

Step 2

Firstly calculate the cross-sectional area of the specimen.


Image Transcriptionclose

cross-sectional area A=^(d) A (0.75) A 0.442 in

Step 3

Now, Yield stress σ =  ...


Image Transcriptionclose

F A 38000 0.442 a85972lbs/in


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