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3c. How do plants perceive the seasons and thus time their growth to the most favorable growing conditions?


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Step 1

Plants are unique for their growth based on seasonal changes and reproduction during the most favorable time or season of the year.


There are two mechanisms by which plants perceive seasons and favorable time for growth:

  • Photoperiodism
  • Circadian rhythms


Step 2

Photoperiodism is a unique mechanism in the plants. Plants perceive the length of day and night by photoperiodism. The seasons are characterized by particular lengths of day and night. When the length of day and night is most favorable they time their growth accordingly.

Phytochrome and cryptochrome proteins are involved in photoperiodism. They are sensitive to photons in the light. If sufficient photons are present they convert into their active form and initiate growth factors for growth.

Step 3

Another mechanism is the Circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms are the clock within plants. Circadian rhythm is characterized by cyclic phenomena that include period, phase, and amplitude. The environmental signals are called as zeitgebers. Each plant has their fixed zeitgebers that ...

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