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27) The cycle of copper reactions illustrates important principles of chemical reactions. The cycle begins with elemental copper, which in a first reaction is oxidized to copper(II) cation. Copper(II) is then carried through different solid forms. In the last step, copper(II) cation is reduced, the copper metal is regenerated, and the cycle is closed. The five key steps are (see attached picture). Assume that you want to carry out a sequence of cycle reactions. 

d) What volume of 3.0M NaOH solution provides the required amount of the base?


3Cu2 (aq)4H20 2NO
1. ЗСи(s) + 2NO; + 8H-
2. Cu (aq) 20H (aq)
Cu(OH)2 (s) CuO (s) H20
4. CuO(s)2H Cu2
Cu2 (aq)Zn(s)
Zn2 (aq)Cu(s)

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3Cu2 (aq)4H20 2NO Cu(OH)2(s) 1. ЗСи(s) + 2NO; + 8H- 2+ 2. Cu (aq) 20H (aq) Cu(OH)2 (s) CuO (s) H20 4. CuO(s)2H Cu2 Cu2 (aq)Zn(s) (aq)H2O Zn2 (aq)Cu(s)


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Step 1

The equation...


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Cu220H Cu(OH),


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