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4. In the following reaction. Fe2O3 + 4H2
3 Fe + 4H20. What element is being reduced?
a) Fe
b) O
c) H
d) insufficient information to determine

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4. In the following reaction. Fe2O3 + 4H2 3 Fe + 4H20. What element is being reduced? a) Fe b) O c) H d) insufficient information to determine


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Step 1

The given reaction is


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3Fe+ 4H20 FeyO3+ 4H2

Step 2

By the definition,

The addition of hydrogen to an element is known as reduction of that element but reduction of an element is also defined as the removal of oxygen from any element.

Step 3

In the above given reaction the oxide of an element (in this case iron)  is being converted to pure elemental state i.e. ...

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