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4. Is the following program correct? If not, please correct it (4)


using namespace std;


int main ()


​int size;

​int * ptr;


​ptr=new int [size];


​for ( int count=0; count<size; count++)



​​cout<<ptr[count]<<" ";



​return 0;




Expert Answer

Step 1

The given C++ program is working properly.

The program (with comments), explanation and the sample output is given below: -

Program: -

//header file

#include <iostream>

//using namespace for standard I/O

using namespace std;

//main method

int main ()


    //declaring the varibale

    int size;

    //declaring the pointer ptr

    int *ptr;

    //taking the value of "size" varibale


    //dynamic array of pointer

    ptr = new int[size];

    //filling the elements in the pointer array

    for(int count=0; count<size; count++)


        //storing the square of count varibale in the pointer array

        ptr[count] = count*count;

        //displaying the elements stored in the pointer array

        cout << ptr[count] <<" ";


    //return statement

    return 0;


Step 2

Explanation: - The given C++ program is used to store the square of the numbers in the dynamic array of pointers. Below is the working of the given program: -

  • Including the header file and the namespace.
  • Defining the main function.
  • Declaring the variable “size” to give the size of the pointer array. (The value of size is given by the user).
  • Declaring the pointer “*ptr”.
  • Using the new keyword declaring the dynamic array of pointer (to integers) type and the variable “size” is passed to give the size of the array at run-time.
  • Using a for-loop, to fill ...

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