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4. Which of the four quantum numbers (n, ℓ, mℓ, ms) determine

(a) the energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom and in a many-electron atom,

(b) the size of an orbital,

(c) the shape of an orbital,

(d) the orientation of an orbital in space 


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Step 1



Principle quantum number (n) corresponds the particular shell which contains a number of orbitals of electrons. Its value increase as the distance of the shell from the nucleus increases. Therefore, it is one of the quantum numbers which determines the energy of an electron in an atom and the size of the orbital. Its possible values are 1, 2, 3,…….∞.

Therefore, the energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom and in a many electron atom is determined by the principle quantum number (n).

Step 2



As per the above definition of principle quantum number, the size of an orbital present in an atom is determined by the principle quantum number.

Step 3



Angular quantum number (l) correspond to the particular subshell in which an electron is present. Each orbital has its specific shape which is determined with the help of angular quantum n...

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