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41Using curved arrow formalism, draw all the resonance structures for the radical shownbelow


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Using curved arrow formalism, draw all the resonance structures for the radical shown

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41 Using curved arrow formalism, draw all the resonance structures for the radical shown below

Step 1

A compound is compound is composed of certain bonding between different atoms. The arrangement of atoms in a compound can be represented by their structural formula. The structural formula of a compound shows all the bonded atoms with their chemical formula and also with the elemental symbols of the bonded atoms.

Step 2

If the structure of any molecule cannot explained by one structure, different resonating structures can be shown to explain same. These structures are called as resonating structures and this phenomenon is called as resonance. It involves the interaction between pi bonds, lone pair or charge (if any).

Step 3

In the resonating structures of given free radical, the free radical will interact ...


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