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4b. What advantages are associated with radial symmetry? 


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The arrangement of the organs, shape of the body, around a central axis is called as symmetry. Symmetry is found in animals and is used as a trait to classify and identify organisms. Radial symmetry is a type of symmetry.

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The symmetrical arrangement of body parts where identical body parts can be obtained by dividing it from the center towards the periphery. This is similar to cutting a pizza or a pie from the center. The axis to divide extends from the center to the edge. Radial symmetry is seen in hydra, starfishes, jellyfishes, sea urchins and so on. Radial symmetry is observed majorly in sessile animals. The following image depicts a radial symmetry from top view:

Step 3

The advantages of radial symmetry:

  • Sensory receptors are spread all over the body, this helps to respond to stimuli and initiate defense against predators
  • Easy to regenerate the lost body parts
  • The organism can be divided along any axis from the center.
  • Tentacles arranged in radial symmetry in sessile organisms help to capture the prey more effectively.
  • Locomotory ...

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