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The circuit in Figure P18.55 has been connected for several
seconds. Find the current (a) in the 4.00 - V battery, (b) in the
3.00 - Ω resistor, (c) in the 8.00 - V battery, and (d) in the 3.00 - V
battery. (e) Find the charge on the capacitor.

5.00 0
3.00 V
8.00 V
3.00 0
4.00 V
6.00 µF
5.00 N
I= 0
Figure P18.55

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5.00 0 3.00 V 8.00 V 3.00 0 4.00 V 6.00 µF 5.00 N I= 0 Figure P18.55 bo


Expert Answer

Step 1


The given circuit which has been connected for several seconds as shown in figure.


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3. b. 5.002 3.00 V 8.00 V. 3.002 4.00 V 6.00 µF 5.002 I= 0

Step 2

Apply Kirchhoff’s first law at junction, c


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I; = I, + I, (1) .... .. Apply Kirchhoffs first law at loop bcfgb, 8.00 V + 31, – 51, = 0 51, – 31, = 8.00 V (2) Apply Kirchhoff's first law at loop cdefc, 4.00 V – 31, – 51, = 0 51, +31, = 4.00 V (3) %3D I, =1.38 A I, z -0.364 A I =1.02 A The current in the 4.00 V battery is 1.02 A down.

Step 3

b).from the pa...


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From the part (a), the current in the 3.00 N resistor is 0.364 A down. I, = -0.3636 A z -0.364 A A down. The current in the 3.00 Q resistor is 0.364


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