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Use conservation of energy to
determine the angular speed of the
spool shown in Figure P8.58 after
the 3.00-kg bucket has fallen 4.00 m,
starting from rest. The light string
attached to the bucket is wrapped
around the spool and does not slip as
it unwinds.

5.00 kg
0.600 m
3.00 kg
Figure P8.58

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5.00 kg 0.600 m 3.00 kg Figure P8.58


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Step 1

The gravitational potential energy of the bucket is converted as sum of rotat...


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The moment of inertia of the spool is, MR? The translational speed of the spool is, V, = Ro Since the bucket starts from the rest, Mv Io, + mgy, = 0+ 0 + mgy,


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