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5.15  If 5.00 mL of 0.314M KOH is diluted to exactly 125 mL with water, what is the concentration of the resulting solution?



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Step 1

The concentration of the substance can be described as the ratio of the moles of the substance to the volume of the solution.

Step 2

The expression to calculate the resulting concentration is shown below:


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M, V, M2 V2 + V, (1) Where, M, is the concentration of KOH. V, is the volume of KOH. M, is the concentration of resulting solution. V, is the volume of water. The value of volume of water is 125 mL. The value of concentration of KOH is 0.314 M. The value of volume of KOH is 5.0 mL.

Step 3

Substitute the value in ...


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0.314 Mx 5 mL м, 125 mL+5mL = 0.012 M Therefore, the value of resulting concentration is 0.012 M


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