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5.3_6 Can you please help with a step by step guide? Thank you in advance.


Match the system of equations with its solution.

−2x  +  3y  −  2z  =  7
3x  −  4y  +  z  =  −5
x  +  2y  +  5z  =  −1

Expert Answer

Step 1

To find the values of x, y, z satisfying all the three equations. 

Step 2

In the given system, all the three unknowns are mixed. By suitable multiplications and additions of the given equations,  we can get rid of two unknowns (x,y) and obtain an equation in z alone , which is easily solved. Then we can solve for y and x.

Step 3

Eliminating x, (getting rid of the x-term) to arri...


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