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5.4 Write a balanced net ionic equation for the reaction of aqueous solutions of baking soda(NaHCO3) and acetic acid


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Step 1

The net ionic equation can be described as the chemical equation in which the spectator ions will not be present. The ions that are present on the right side and left side in the chemical equation is known as spectator ions

Step 2

The balance molecular reaction of baking soda and acetic acid is shown below:


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Naнсо, (aд) +нС , Н, о,(aд) -> NaC ,H,0, (aд)-н,о0)+со, (8) +HС Н,О NaHCO, -aд) +н,о()+со,8) NaC,H,0

Step 3

In the above reaction, water is present in the liquid phase and carbon dioxide is present gas phase. Therefore, they w...


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Nat Ha)+HCo, (aq)+H* (aq)+C,H,0(aq) → Na*faq)+C,H,0 aq) +H,0(1)+CO,(8)


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