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Find the current in the 12 - Ω resistor in Figure P18.15.

6.0 0
3.0 Ω
6.0 Ω
3.0 0
4.0 0
2.0 N
12 N
18 V
Figure P18.15

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6.0 0 3.0 Ω 6.0 Ω 3.0 0 4.0 0 2.0 N 12 N 18 V Figure P18.15


Expert Answer

Step 1

Consider the circuit,


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6.0 2 3.0 Ω 3.0 2 6.0 Ω 4.0 Ω 2.0 Ω 12 Q 18 V 2.

Step 2

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The top two resistors of 60 each are connected in parallel. R. 60 60 R = 30 And the bottomof two resistors across point bande are connected inparalel combinations.(40 and 120) R, 4Ω120 3.0Ω 3.0Ω 3.02 WWWW 3.02 2.02 18 V Figure 2

Step 3

The top of two resistors across the point c...


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R-3+ 3Ω -6Ω


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