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A rectangular current loop (a = 20.0 cm, b = 31.0 cm) is located a distance d = 11.0 cm near a long, straight wire that carries a current (IW)(IW) of 17.0 A (see the drawing). The current in the loop is ILIL = 31.0 A. Determine the magnitude of the net magnetic force that acts on the loop.

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6:24 PM Sun Jul 21 46% a IL b di Iw Submit Assignment (C.


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Step 1

The magnetic force on the sides of the loop with length b will cancel each other due to the symmetry of the loop.

Step 2

Write the expression for the magnetic field due to current carrying wire on loop whose side at a distance d from wire.


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here, I is the current in the wire (I) dis the distance between wire and near side of loop 2Td

Step 3

Write the expression of force on loop who...


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here, I, is the current on loop (I) e is the angle between loop and wire BLsine Lis the side length of the loop substitute equation () in (I) (III) 2nd


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