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Python Coding (on PyCharm Community Edition)
PART 1 - Positions on a chess board are identified by a letter and number combination.  See diagram. The letter refers to the column and the number refers to the row :

** MUST USE IF / ELIF / ELSE or some version of it for full marks.  Do not use multiple IF statements unless you are nesting ***
Write a program that reads the position (row and column) and tells the user which colour it will be.  Do this twice.
For example, if the user enters g3 - it should tell you BLACK.  You can use the modulus for this question or lists - we have done similar work in this course.  Create a mathematical formula to work out the position and colour.
* The user should be able to input EITHER upper or lowercase.
ab cde f g h

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7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ab cde f g h


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Step 1

The approach and code of a python program to check whether the position of the square of a chessboard is black or white are given below:


  • Using a for loop to restrict the user to check the position of a square in the chessboard twice.
  • Inside the for loop, while loop is used to check for the condition is true.
  • Inside the while loop, if statement will check the input value is a combination of an alphabet and a number. Also, it will check that the alphabet does not exceed to h, and the number is equal to 8.  
  • In the ADD variable, the sum of ASCII value of the character and number is saved. Now, the ADD variable will be checked in the if-else statement.
  • Then if-else statement will check and return that the input value is positioning a white or black square in the chessboard.     
Step 2


#for loop is used to check the position of a square in the chessboard twice 

for i in range (0,2):

    #displaying message to prompt user to enter the value he wants to check

    STR = input("Please enter the value you want to chhess: ")

    while True:

        #if-else statement is used to check the entered value is in the scope or not

        if (STR[0].lower() > "h" or int(STR[1]) > 8 or len(STR) != 2 or int(STR[1]) == 0):

            #displaying message to prompt user to enter the correct value

            STR = input("Please enter the correct va...

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