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8. If 1 mol of argon and 1 mol of helium are trapped in a semi-porous container. At STP which gas will
diffuse faster?
b) Argon
a) Helium

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8. If 1 mol of argon and 1 mol of helium are trapped in a semi-porous container. At STP which gas will diffuse faster? b) Argon a) Helium


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Step 1

According to the Graham's law the rate of the diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its density or molecular mass.


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M2 R. R, M 2

Step 2


R1 is the rate of  diffusion of helium gas and R2 is the rate of diffusion of argon gas.

Molar weight of helium is 4.00 and Molar weight of argon is 39.95


Step 3

To determine which gas is diff...


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M2 R. R M 2 39.95 R. V4.00 R. 2 R 3.16x R 2


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