Asked Dec 18, 2019

A 0.250 - kg block along a horizontal track has a speed
of 1.50 m/s immediately before colliding with a light spring
of force constant 4.60 N/m located at the end of the track.
(a) What is the spring’s maximum compression if the track
is frictionless? (b) If the track is not frictionless, would the
spring’s maximum compression be greater than, less than, or
equal to the value obtained in part (a)?


Expert Answer

Step 1

According to law of conservation of energy, potential energy of the system is equal to kinetic energy


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spring constant →compression of the spring m → mass v→velocity

Step 2

The maximum compression of the spring is calculated b...


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0.250kg (1.5m/s) 4.6 N/m = 0.350m


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